Kansas City Police Charge Pharmacist With Robbing Own Company

Kansas City Police Charge Pharmacist With Robbing Own Company

by Vladimire Herard

Based on accusations against a female pharmacist later discredited in court, Kansas City police charge her with stealing from her own company.

Kansas City Police Detective Robert Murphy investigates pharmacist Felicia Eddings for allegedly burglarizing BrinkHealthmeds LLC, a Kansas City local pharmacy she launched and ran with Raj B. Jhala and Amr Abualnadi.

Both were two pharmacists who initially hired in April 2018, fired her seven weeks later when she established the pharmacy and leveled the burglary charge against her, all before collecting $22,000 in false insurance claims.

As part of a Kansas City police investigation in December 2018, Officer Murphy visited and interrogated Eddings at her workplace with her employer present. Eddings refused to speak with the detective without her attorney, Henry Service, present.

On Jan. 28, 2019, she received a letter from the Jackson County Prosecutor/District Attorney’s office, informing her that she was under investigation for the class C felony of stealing, the class D felony of burglary in the second degree and the class E felony of property damage.

She had until had until Feb. 8 to get her attorney to contact the office or else she would be charged with all three felonies.

Three days later, she replied to the office in writing, charging the District Attorney’s with discrimination and her former employers with crimes of forgery, framing, perjury, lying to police and falsifying a police report, conspiracy, insurance fraud and cybercrimes.

Though Eddings, through her attorney, communicated with Jhala and Abualnadi that their actions were unlawful, they failed to heed the warnings.

Instead, they enlisted their accountant Laphilia Nicole Davis of Butler Davis Accounting to forge Eddings’ signature to dissolve Brink Healthmed  and open another company called Trilogy Healthmeds DBA Capstone Pharmacy.

When their case against Eddings went to court, the presiding judge threw it out, having discovered that they had lied.

When this writer emailed Detective Murphy in June 6, 2019 about investigating Jhala and Abualnadi, dropping charges against Eddings and issuing an apology after a local district court dropped the pharmacists’ court case against her, he emailed back two days later that any inquiries about the case should be referred to the Office of General Counsel with the Kansas City police office.

This writer e-mailed the office and obtained no response. Meanwhile, this writer contacted Merrell R. Bennekin, executive director of Office of Community Complaints of the Board of Police Commissioners, with the same inquiry.  Bennekin referred this writer back to the Kansas City police department.

When contacted by this writer, Davis declined to be interviewed for this article. Pharmacist Mutual, who awarded the $22,000 to the two pharmacists, did not return phone calls. This writer never received a response to calls to the Georgia State Board of Accounting.

As of yet, Murphy and the Kansas City police department have not announced that it will drop the burglary charges against Eddings.

Meanwhile, Eddings stated that the inaction on the part of Murphy and the department has negatively impacted on her as a pharmacist and other work efforts, professional relations and family and social life.


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