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Publishis LLC is providing an exciting opportunity for writers who would like to earn money by posting articles. This platform is letting the talented writers earn some money from their hard work and skills. There are three paid options on this website in which writers can make money. These options are price per view, donate price and sell the article. A writer gets to choose the option which he or she wants depending on preferences.

The price per view option is where a writer posts an article and then earns some money every time the article is viewed. The high the number of views the higher the amounts that the writer earns. Because of this the writers are encouraged to create high quality articles with interesting topics so that more people can be interested in their articles. This particular option is especially popular because after posting an article a writer will continue earning as long as the article is on the website and it is continuing to be viewed. The writers who choose this option will therefore be earning even when they are doing other things. Such writers are encouraged to post many interesting articles so that they can be earning more. It is helpful to be posting new articles so that the topics of the articles can be relevant to the current times.

The other option which Publishis LLC is giving writers an opportunity to earn is donate price. This particular option allows the writers to donate their articles for a price. There is also the option to sell the article. This option is where a writer can decide to sell the article for a certain price. The price of the article varies depending on different factors.

There is an assortment of topics from which the writers can choose from. The owners of Publishis LLC who are Dimitar Yanev and Geno Genov have given the writers liberty to choose the topics which they feel most comfortable with. This is a great benefit to the writers because they get to write on what they like or what they are trained on. The content can be about almost anything including current news. Because of this the writers have an easier time because there are very many topics to choose from. All what every writer needs is to ensure the articles written are of the highest quality and contain interesting information. The content should also be factual and accurate because the platform is keen on enlightening the people who read the posted articles.

Posting an article on this platform is simple where almost any competent writer can post content. The process has been simplified to enable more talented writers be able to earn some money from their creativity. Those writers who are talented and have the ability to create interesting content will be earning more on this platform. The consistent writers who are able to create fresh content regularly on various topics will also be able to make good money on this website. All what one needs is to have the necessary skills and be able to create good articles. Therefore, creative and skilled writers can now make some money by posting articles and choosing from the three paid options on Publishis LLC.


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