High Cost Of Managing Diabetes Is A Major Concern

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A recent study has found out that the reason behind the issues with the treatment of diabetes can be blamed on the high cost of the drugs. When compared to the latest breakthrough in the drugs of hepatitis C, it has been found that even though the number of patients with diabetes is as much as 10 times the number of people with hepatitis C at an estimated figure of 29 million in the US alone.

The fact that most of the people with diabetes will continue to take the medication for their entire life, makes the high cost of the medicines a scary truth to face. The patients of diabetes are facing a lot of trouble to pay for both the old and the new diabetes medicines. However, they are compelled to pay for the high costs of the medicines.

There are patients who are losing the battle to diabetes as they cannot bear the high price of the diabetes drugs. According to Dr. Joel Zonszein, director of the clinical diabetes center at Montefiore Medical Center, says that "Every week I see patients who can't afford their drugs".

Most of the diabetic patients are bending towards metformin, a drug that is modestly priced and is a generic one. However, in comparison, the brand name drugs are more effective with lesser side-effects. However, patients who are opting for the brand name medicines are getting those with a price!

According to the 2014 drug trend report by the Express Scripts, it was the fourth year in a row, that in the country per person spending on medicines for diabetes is more than that of other traditional medicines that are available in the market. It was also found that almost half of the prescriptions that have been filled for in the past years, are generic.

Experts in the medical research field have shown concern for the high costs of the medicines. According to Dr. Glen Stettin of Express Scripts, ìThe cost of diabetes treatment is increasing pretty rapidly. It has also been found that per capita health care spendings for the diabetic people, in the year 2013 was found to be an average of $14, 999, which is around $10, 000 higher than health care costs of people without diabetes ($4, 305). This data was found in a study on about 40 million people, all under the age of 65.

The medical insurers and as well as the managers who are responsible for the pharmacy benefits of people are now checking patients' prescriptions and the drugs they have been prescribed. They are insisting patients to try some cheaper, generic variety of the brand name drugs that they have been prescribed. The health care providers are also being instructed to ask the consent for approval from the insurance providers before prescribing any pricey, brand name drugs.

Even though the cost of diabetes drugs is a major concern, patients cannot ignore taking medications as diabetes often leads to medical conditions like damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and eyes.


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