Debt Settlement Secrets – 2 Secrets That Can Eliminate 40-60% of Your Debt

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There are some debt settlement secrets that anyone struggling ought to know. I am going to reveal to you in this short article two killer secrets that will help you reduce your debt and place you on the road to financial recovery.

Understanding Debt Settlement

Before I go into the two killer debt settlement secrets let me give a quick heads up on how settlement works. Understanding this will help you to make the better of the two secrets.

Debt settlement basically involves a negotiation with your lender to reduce the amount of the loan that you have borrowed. Usually you are able to negotiate a reduction in the 40 – 60% region. What you actually get in the end will hinge heavily on your individual circumstances. But in a nutshell that is all there is to debt settlement. So now that we have a firm understanding of settlement, let me go right into the two killer secrets:

Secret # 1: Use a Professional to Negotiate the Settlement

The process of negotiating a reduction in your debt can be a tricky one indeed. In most cases you’ll be dealing with a credit card company or a bank and they usually require a strong demonstration as to why they should reduce the debt. You might be tempted to just say to them “listen, I can’t pay”, but this rarely works so the best option is to use a professional to negotiate the terms of the reduction for you. Most debt settlement companies can be found online and offer a free consultation.

Secret # 2: Strike a good Reduction/Credit Score Impact balance

When you reduce your debt through settlement your credit rating is slightly impacted. The amount of the impact is proportional to the amount of the reduction. So, if you want to keep a fairly decent credit rating, try not to go overboard in the amount you reduce your debt by. A good benchmark to follow is to keep any reduction to under 60% of total debt.

Those are the two biggest debt settlement secrets that you need to know in order to make the best of a debt settlement program. Finding the right specialist is key and I can’t emphasize that enough. Once you find one do some ground level checks online about their background and once you are satisfied go ahead with a consultation (which is usually free).

Be bold and take action to reduce your debt today. Debt settlement works and you have the insider secrets to make it work for you today.

Final Note: The debt settlement and debt consolidation process can be overwhelming and frustrating. Having a debt relief specialist on your side can greatly reduce the stress. I highly recommend that you obtain a free debt evaluation in order determine the best course of action based on your financial situation.


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