6 Simple & Safe Skin Care Tips

If you're too busy a person, not getting time for skin care, don't worry. Just take few basic steps to protect the skin and keep its glaze intact. Consider the six simple and safe tips discussed in this blog. 

1. Take care to protect skin from sunshine – This is an important step – you cannot avoid the using while going out. Therefore, make sure to protect your skin. For this, you can use a good quality sunscreen with minimum SPF 15. Use it once in two hours. Also, as far s possible be in shade. Further, wear clothes to protect your skin. Clothes with long sleeves will help.

2. Healthy food – Eating healthy foods can help you take care of your skin the best way. Eat vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and whole grains. Foods low in unhealthy fats, refined carbohydrates are likely to keep your skin healthy.

3. Drink a lot of water - Water will help keep your skin the necessary moisture and the glow. If you don’t drink an adequate amount of water, your skin is likely to fail to maintain moisture and the glow.

4. Handle your ski with care – While cleaning, you need to deal with your skin carefully. Avoid bathing in hot water or bathing in showers for long – these activities will wash away the useful oils on your skin.

When shaving, use a shaving cream, gel or lotion. Use a good quality razor. Avoid using harsh soaps. Use mild cleansing agents. After washing, use a soft towel to pat dry. Use a moisturizer that is good for your skin.

5. Don’t smoke tobacco – This is one of the most important points in skin care. Tobacco smoking makes your skin look older. You will get wrinkles. This is because smoking is said to constrict the small blood vessels in the skin’s out layer. Consequently, there is less amount of blood leading to a deficit in nutrients and hence makes the skin dull.

Smoking impairs the quality and elasticity and collagen. Collagen fibres make your strength strong and less elastic. Further, the repetitive process of facial expression that you perform while smoking (breathing in with your lips closing and the movement of eyes (to protect them from smoke) are likely to worsen wrinkling.

Smoking is also likely to cause skin cancer of squamous cells. If you are serious to protect your skin, the best remedy is to quit smoking. The damage done so far cannot be undone. You can protect your skin by quitting smoking.

6. Keep stress under control – Stress is inevitable in daily life. Unless you control your stress, it may take a toll on your skin. By judiciously managing your stress, you can protect your skin from the evil effects of stress.

These tips read and look simple. Yet, pursuing them carefully and consciously will help you get the best quality skin care. No need for visiting beauty care professionals. You can just follow these guidelines with respect to your food, lifestyle without causing stress. If you are unsure, you can see a reputed, experienced and reliable professional. They will you out.


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